Every artist has a dream of owning a studio. Because the space crunch is faced by many artists are opting for smaller studios having basic necessities. The backyard or the lobby or perhaps the garage will do as being a make shift studio. Some pointers to beautify your personal space and studio are as follows. Paint and sip

This studio represents the person, their personal likes and dislikes, interests, education and creativity levels. Bearing in mind the artist's nature you can have individual display of art pieces. Successful and good works can be displayed on the walls simply because this gives feeling of confidence for the artist. Arrangement of art materials and canvasses can be done in a neat manner to really make the place attractive. Hanging green plants and in addition having fresh water arrangements in vases will help enliven the environment.

Colour in any form is very attractive. Upholstery and furniture should be of attractive in addition to dark colours to avoid staining with paints. Wood floors must be protected as spill of solvents and paints may mess up the coating. Avoid rugs and mattresses as they may accidentally be stained during sessions of painting. Use a display board to put up[ attractive pictures getting new and fresh painting ideas. Every individual must display materials that let the creative spurt from within and based on the nature and likes of human one can decorate the studio to represent their identity. Art studio

Art studio should be decorated keeping in mind the perception of work as an abstract artist needs extra space than any other style artist and keeping everything neat here would hinder the creativity with the abstract artist. Decorations within the studio must be so that which promote growth and encouragement to the artist. So all you wonderful artists go and decorate your studios as painting career does not necessarily mean to have the paint only on canvas and a boring studio, but all of this can also be brightened by having colours around!